Adam Bolt

Prior to studying at university I spent much time abroad, immersed in other cultures. These experiences encouraged me to study film to develop the practical and artistic skills necessary to tell world stories in a popular form.

University taught me a broad range of knowledge across all areas of production, from writing and directing, to the roles of cinematography, editing and sound in delivering an effective piece. The course introduced me to, and increased my knowledge of, software such as Premiere, Avid, Davinci Resolve, After Effects and Audition and made me confident in using the Alexa mini, Sony FS5,

Black Magic 4k and Aaton S16 cameras.

I hope to specialise in camera and lighting departments in Film and HETV and continue my learning journey. I also feel that the skills learnt at university put me in a good position to create and execute my own projects.

My Name is Yours Trailer

Trailer for upcoming short film My Name Is Yours, a short drama about identity and heritage in immigrant communities.

A Better Way

A 30s advert for Mooncup exploring various awkwardly relatable situations for individuals who menstruate.

The Beetle

A absurdist, surreal comedy exploring life and death based on Kafka's Metamorphosis.


A short documentary about Max Fiore, a young man with cerebral palsy who comes to terms with his disability through his engagement with javelin.

Caramel Afternoon

A short drama exploring dementia within families and ways it can affect interpersonal relationships.