Amy Doble

I am an enthusiastic interior designer who wants to explore the many different aspects of interior design. I have always been a creative person starting with my love for photography, this started when I was growing up by the coast with scenery all around. I want to take this creativity to design spaces that connect with people and encompass the potential of the space.

Unity has brought together four local companies under one roof, Hobbs House Bakery, Clifton Coffee Roasters, Wiper and True and the Community Farm. Bringing the local community together Unity is promoting local, quality produce that is

cautious of being sustainable. Unity is located in the O & M Sheds, Welsh Back, Bristol, which is a very populated area for offices and businesses, which becomes a social hub for workers to relax by the harbourside for social activities after hours.

View of Brewery from Brewery Bar

The main feature in the brewery is the large ring light that connects the brewery and beer garden, this represents a campfire where people come together to enjoy each other’s company and good food and drink.

View of Brewery from South of M Shed

The brewery is the home to Wiper and True where people come together to relax and enjoy good quality, local products. The mash tun, kettle and fermenters for the brewery are on display so you can see the brewing process.

View of Light Detailing

The main feature in the restaurant is the fire inspired chandelier, trying to bring the energy of cooking from the kitchen into the restaurant and bringing people together over the love of food.

View of Restaurant from Stairs

The key elements of the restaurant design are the bar, chandelier and open kitchen. The open kitchen of the restaurant is intended to create an experience for the customers and encourage them to try cooking themselves.

View of Cookery School

The cookery school uses produce from the shop, teaching people how to bake and cook using sustainable and local products from the Community Farm.

View of the Shop

The shop has three key areas, the refill station, central display and bakery. The refill station has cereals, pastas, rice, and lentils where people bring in their own containers or use the paper bags provided, eliminating any plastic packaging.