Isabella Warner

I am a diligent and enthusiastic individual, with a passion for meaningful design. Throughout university, I have gained knowledge and technical skills, in both analogue and digital methods, through my exploration of the fabrication department and industry standard software. By combining my practical abilities with theoretical studies, practitioner research and current world-wide affairs, I have developed my style and creative process.

It is my belief that lighting is one of the most important aspects of any interior, with the power to elevate and transform a space. Consequently, my designs feature architectural lighting that enhances the rest of the design.

I pride myself on my hands-on process, using sketch models and material testing to explore my creative design ideas, before refining my work digitally.

University has been thoroughly enjoyable and I have flourished as a designer. I am eager to continue learning and developing into the future in my professional career.

'Diffuse' Exterior Design

The reinvention of the O&M Sheds site. The space is dedicated to improving the well-being of Bristol's workplaces through lighting interventions in a dome-covered auditorium, art workshops, gallery space, breathing meditation pods, cafe, quiet workspaces, and environment-connecting meditation cylinders.

'Diffuse' Entranceway Visual

The entrance to the site is designed to be welcoming through the use of curved walls and way-finding lighting that guides visitors throughout the building. The glass roof connects you to the exterior environment.

Final Model

The final model of the 'Diffuse' design in the O&M Sheds site.

Auditorium Visual

Made using an image of my sectional model, the visual shows the quality of light that the auditorium would receive during the day. The glass rods refract sunlight throughout the day, creating water-like patterns across the auditorium floor.

'Diffuse' Gallery and Art Workshop Visual

The gallery and art workshops are designed to improve mental health and wellbeing through the theory that creating hand-made objects is better than computer-based work.

Breathing Meditation Pods

Inspired by the alveoli in the lungs, the meditation pods are designed to focus the visitor on their breathing to improve relaxation and ultimately, mental well-being. Using red and blue light therapy, the light feature pulses with your breathing.