Edward Zachariah

As a designer I want to create spaces that have impact.
I see Interior Design as a challenge to create environments that change convention and the perception of space. Nature and biophilia has become a strong influence in my design theory. I believe the flexible boundaries between urban and natural environments is beneficial to our future, health and well-being.
I am meticulous and strive for clean, detail heavy designs. Using a mix of 3D software and model making, I create unconventional complex spaces that are still grounded in reality. Through constant questioning, consideration and evaluation of my work I

hope to design spaces that have longevity and maintain an ethical and sustainable ethos.

Entrance to the O+M Sheds

The O+M Sheds is a community focused open workspace, regenerating and re-purposing a heritage building for the local community, whilst being sympathetic to its historical presence on the site. Using biophilic principles to provide a healthy, welcoming and comfortable environment.

Office Open Work Area

The Open Work Area provides a flexible and free flowing space, with large modular furniture for users to work surrounded by planting and natural light. There is opportunity for casual working, collaboration and socialising.

Mezzanine Soft Seating Area

Inspired by tree canopy walks, the Mezzanine allows people to flow through the building and walk amongst the canopy of the trees. There are work pods, benches and desks at different heights along the balustrade as well as soft seating.

Garden Area

Research has determined that living vegetation has a positive impact and can improve concentration, creativity, performance and social interaction. This open space with tables and chairs allows users to work or rest in the elements beneath trees and foliage.

Building Section

Biophilia is the understanding that introducing nature to urban spaces by utilising living vegetation, light and air, is beneficial for health and well-being. The design creates a flexible boundary between unprotected and protected areas. Introducing nature into an urban space.

Nature Reclaims Urban Spaces

In recent years the O+M Sheds have been abandoned and have fallen into disrepair, nature has crept into the cracks and has begun to make a home in the run down building, this became a major influence.