Jessica Found

As an Interior Designer I am creative and enthusiastic with every new space. In a lot of my designs I like to bring in either nature or take inspiration from the site I am designing on. This has led me to design bespoke furniture and light fittings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I aim to design environments where inhabitants can move through a space experiencing different emotional responses as well as sensory responses.

I have designed a ‘third space’ which includes office hire and a nursery, suitable for children from 6 months up to Primary School age. Used

mainly by the office space users’ children. The design is based in O & M sheds, Welsh Back, Bristol. The sun's orientation was taken into account to maximise the amount of natural light inside. I was also inspired by nature and the natural environment around the site.

Building Blocks Rendered Section

Office Visual: with View of The Tree

Office Visual (South End of O-shed)

Detailing Visual Taken from Office

I have designed this tree divider to keep the the two areas separate whilst allowing a visual connection. This would be made out of oak plywood and tempered glass.

3–4-Year-Old Nursery Room

1–2-Year-Old Nursery Room