Amber Fitzwilliam

I am an enthusiastic, hardworking Producer. Throughout my journey at UWE Bristol, I have worked on some amazing projects and am really proud of the work me and my team have achieved. Before coming to Bristol I already knew I had a passion for management and organisation. However, UWE really gave me a place to safely explore and develop these skills and I am excited to see where my filmmaking journey will take me next.

Two Sides

Two different sides to a story about the same event condensed into one short social realism drama, with the screen time being split evenly between our two characters, Steve, and Andrea.


Set within a female-dominated society where men have been reduced to pieces of furniture, Delilah must overcome the grief of losing her firstborn child whilst struggling to remain sane in a dystopian world she is beginning to bring into question.

S.O.S - Save Our Soil, Campaign for The Soil Association

Debby finds an orphaned plant in an underpass and rushes through the city to grant it protection. As she goes, her nurture allows it to grow until she reaches her home, a floral haven that has been reclaimed by nature.


Leila is tired of fighting her partner Roy's demons for him, as he continuously fails to get them under control. Will the move to a new home support their failing relationship, or will it contribute to the demon's growth?

An Exquisite Dinner

The C.P.F, a totalitarian regime, introduces a new policy that ensures all children are raised in a nuclear family. This leaves a widowed mother of two with twenty husband candidates to choose from; if unsuccessful, she will lose her children.