Androula Neophytou

I am committed to continue on my path unwaveringly in the industry of film and TV as a producer or as a production manager. I have experience with a working knowledge of a wide variety of production roles including editing, sound design and camera. I am wildly ambitious, with a strong work ethic and I'm very enthusiastic to learn more about the process in a production and keen to develop my skills in all roles. :)))

An Inclination

The film is about an emotional corrupt android who tried to suppress his feelings in front of his therapist. Credits: VFX/ Editor/Casting Assistant

I Dance Solo

Ned is struggling with aids related illness in the hospital. slowing losing his grid on reality. Credits: DIT/ Editor assistant

The Life of a Hun

Advert for HUN's non alcoholic drink. Credits: producer/ Sound

Fight Scene

A fight scene inspired by the video game called Tekken Credits: Camera/Sound/Editor

Blown Off course

A marriage proposal sends a hot air balloon pilot plummeting out of the basket, the arguing couple must navigate their way to the ground before the sun sets Credits: Editor/script supervisor