Ari Peterson


I am a Welsh filmmaking graduate based in Cardiff & Bristol. My focus in filmmaking is Assistant Directing with some dabbling in Casting along the way. Both roles have their challenges and I find myself enjoying the need to work through them and the win when everything goes to plan. I have worked in many teams with some amazingly talented people to create a variety of short films throughout our time here at UWE. The skills I have developed along the way have been invaluable and I now find myself a competent, hard-working, and determined filmmaker. I fit into

my roles well, focusing on the task at hand but always making the experience a good and meaningful one. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.


Stuck between an internet famous friend and a partner content with life under the radar, Izzy must choose between the social media spotlight and the stability of a loving relationship.


Jess’ busy care home job takes a sinister turn when she realises she’s being used for more than she signed up for.


After their house burns down, injured Leila and alcoholic Roy have to move into Roy’s Aunt’s old manor. As night falls, Leila wakes up, and Roy is missing, she must escape the demon that has replaced him.

On Set of Projects this Year

Care, Missing Pieces, Beached