Holly Humphries

Consumption is central to my work. Mostly eating, but also the culture and habits around eating. Hinting at ‘you are what you eat’, my work analyses the similarities of our visceral, sensual selves, to food, packaging, and advertising. I merge these worlds,
similar to how our bodies amalgamate food and advertising into our bodies. My work has a slightly erotic tone, suggesting that our sexual and culinary desires are the same. Through materials of paint, nets, concrete, I tempt physical and tangible sensations. The materials contain their own meanings, alluding to mass production and the capitalising of goods as

well as the way I manipulate them to become pleasing .


Goods is a multimedia installation, including acrylic paintings, stitched fruit bags, cast concrete eggs and PVA molded pill packets. An interpretation of our social landscape of consumer culture, mimicking its impersonal yet beautiful nature. 500cm x 500cm, Spike Island, 2022

Trifle 1

Trifle 1 is a translation of trifle into a landscape painting. Acrylic on canvas. 300cm x 300cm. Spike Island. 2022

Peach 1

Peach is an analysis if the similarities between our human bodies to peaches. Acrylic on canvas. 250cm x 200 cm. Spike Island. 2022


A collaborative painting with Max Wilkinson, this painting explores the significance of supermarket isles and their overwhelming amount of choice. Acrylic on canvas. 200cm x 200cm. Spike Island. 2022

Jelly 1

Jelly 1 explores the seductive nature of jelly and how similar our visceral, wobbly selves are to it. Acrylic on canvas. 200cm x 250cm. Spike Island. 2022

Drip Nation West Garage

A landscape painting of the industrial nature of mass production. Acrylic on canvas. 150cm x 150cm. Spike island. 2022.