Chloe Lou Ireland

Chloe Ireland is a writer/director based in the Southwest of England. She grew up in Blackpool, a common setting for much of her work. A love of storytelling led Chloe to start writing scripts in high school, making short films with her friends. After this she caught the film bug and hasn’t stopped creating since!

Chloe, in all her work, has always aimed to represent topics important to her by shedding light on social issues through the lens of humour and creative writing. She’s especially interested in promoting diverse representation in-front and behind the camera.

Beached (Writer/Director) Password: Production2

Stuck between an internet famous friend and a partner content with life under the radar, Izzy must choose between the social media spotlight and the stability of a loving relationship.

Robbie Wrecked The Band (Writer/Director) Password: production1

A young autistic boy desperately wants to join the school band but he’s hypersensitive to loud noise. He must learn to control the environment around him to achieve his dream.

Making things float

A rig with invisible string constructed for a 30 second commercial shoot. This was our first time using 16mm film and required a LOT of practice and rehearsal!

NAHIMI Kodak Competition: Missing Pieces for Ovarian Cancer Research

A 30 second commercial for Ovarian Cancer Action, made as part of the NAHIMI Kodak competition. We used magicians string and fish wire to create the floating effect with a puzzle especially made by Production Designer Sophie Kirk.

Pity Parade LGBT+ Short Film (Writer/Director)

Second year short film. After separating from his husband of only 3 months, Ed shares his woes with his best friend as they contemplate love and the meaning of Pride.

PDF - click image to view

Pity Parade Pilot Script

After making the short film I developed the idea for Pity Parade further with the help from the Sky Writes: New Writing North scheme. It's now a 30 min pilot script aimed at a BBC Three audience.