Grace Alexander

Over the past three years on the filmmaking course, I have specialised in documentary directing, production management, and colour grading. I have worked on documentaries both as director and production manager, and on narrative productions as cinematographer and colourist. I have a good knowledge of every department and stage of the production, and on some projects have worked entirely independently.

My directing work so far has had a focus on environmental themes and I hope to continue this theme in my future work to make films that promote sustainability and raise awareness for issues relating to the climate


I would love to begin my career by working in the factual industry as an office or production runner at a documentary production company.

The Last Generation

The Last Generation is a short documentary I directed that looks at the decision to not have children because of the climate crisis.


Alfredo is a short profile documentary that follows Alfredo, an 80 year old man living in the Italian alps as he reminisces on his love for his home, his family, and skiing. On this documentary I was the Production Manager.

Days to Remember

Days To Remember is a short piece made by myself as a way to experiment with both analogue and digital formats. It was shot on both 16mm film stock and digitally, and then graded so the digital matched the analogue.

Artificial Nostalgia

Artificial Nostalgia is an experimental short film made by myself that explores ideas of memory and how we document our lives.


Wasted is a short documentary I directed about living zero- waste and the impact of plastic pollution, following Jesse as he attempts to reduce his plastic consumption.

A Way to Make it Work

A Way to Make it Work is a 30 second commercial made as part of the NAHEMI Kodak 16mm Commercial Competition 2022 for the charity, Walking with the Wounded. For this project I was D.O.P and Colourist.