George David King

Hello there, I'm George David King. Throughout this Filmmaking course, I have been lucky enough to direct multiple projects both in my second and third years. It is a passion of mine that I see as more than just an area of study but something I take pride in and something I thrive to improve at every time. When I'm not directing I am exploring the departments of sound design, editing and recording, something that I am also passionate about and wish to explore more off as I progress as a young filmmaker. Both directing and sound

are two areas that I see as very valuable to me to build professional relationships around in hopes of meeting more people to work with and for.

I am always looking to meet new exciting people and will always welcome people with an inviting hello and smile.

A way to make it work

This 30-second commercial is directed by me for the Kodak short awards 2022. It's a commercial set on the charity Walking with the wounded to raise awareness and bring light to veterans who suffer from mental and physical problems.

Robbie Wrecked the Band

This is a coming of age story about independence and Robbie taking his first steps to be part of the school band while being hypersensitive to loud noise. During this production, I was in charge of Sound Recording and mixing.


This short film is directed by myself as we follow henry on a journey of self-realization while realizing what people really think of him including his own family. Hike is a comedy-drama that has it all.


Working as a producer, This Short observational Documententy follows fellow student Jesse, as he changes his ways and sees for himself how much plastic he uses and wastes per week and must learn to live with Zero waste.

I Dance Solo

Working as a sound designer and recordist, This Story follows Ned as he must work out if his partner is really with him in the hospital or if it's just the drugs playing tricks. Set in the 1980s aids epidemic.