Guy Newland

Hi, I'm Guy and I'm hoping to get into post-production sound. Growing up I have always had a passion for music. Having edited videos from a young age and produced music more recently, I found sound design to be the perfect combination of my two favourite hobbies. I naturally began sound recording in tandem with my post-production work, a combined process that has been very satisfying. Sound has enabled me to try my hand at modular synthesis, at building an instrument and it has taken me to some amazing and beautiful environments.

Two Sides (working title) GoFundMe Teaser

Two Sides is social realist drama with a split dual protagonist narrative. The film follows the collision course between a determined environmental activist and an overworked factory worker.

Zephyr by Finnegan Tui - Trailer

ZEPHYR is about the complexity of growing up, and the process of confronting the parts of you that you never knew existed. This is an exploration of our lives through the mediums of light, narrative and sound.

The Springsbury Bird Hoax Teaser

When the Parish Council Leader of a small-time village threatens to flatten its historic forest, Mr Thornton - a nostalgic old outcast - devises an elaborate bird hoax in an attempt to rally the villagers together against the impending deforestation.

Save Our Soil - The Soil Association

A short, energy-packed commercial for The Soil Association, aiming to bring awareness to soil degradation and the ways we can fight it.