Rhys Mason

During my time at UWE, I have developed a significant interest in camera operating and pre-visualisation. Before joining the course, I had a keen eye for photography which, over the past few years, has evolved into a keen eye for cinematography.
I have been able to gain cinematography experience having been DOP for 4 projects including 2 short films and camera operator for many more.
I hope to build a personal videography business after my graduation whilst also seeking camera trainee and runner jobs on various sets.


Jeronikin is a short drama that I was a part of during 2nd year. I was Casting Director, Script Supervisor, 1st AC/Focus Puller and Composer. All pieces of music in this film are original compositions created by myself.

The Last Generation

The Last Generation is a short poetic documentary that I worked on in my 3rd year at UWE. I worked as Editor and Camera Operator on this project.


Care is my final university project for which I worked as Director of Photography and Camera Operator. I developed my cinematography experience and confidence massively throughout this project and was able to work with an incredible team.


Breathe is a short form commercial created for Off The Record, a Bristol-based mental health charity aiming to support young people with mental wellbeing. I worked as Director of Photography and Camera Operator on this project.


Blackout is a short film that I shot as one continuous take using an Arri Alexa Mini and Easy Rig.