Joana Lopes Brás Pinto

Originally from Portugal, I came to the UK to study Filmmaking and then search for better opportunities for myself. I believe the fact that I didn't grow up in the UK and only moved here in my 20s means that I bring in a fresh perspective and point of view.

I'm interested in being a part of telling stories that investigate the human psyche and examine relationships between people. These have been the stories that have captivated me the most as a Film and TV fan and I believe they have an important mission: teaching us about empathy.

I'm interested in

pursuing roles in the producing and AD departments. I am open to working in both TV and Film, in any genre, and am also very interested in working internationally.

Bilbo Shaggins | Mini Short Documentary

I was a part of a team of four when I made this project. It was the very first film we made as part of the Filmmaking BA at the University of the West of England, in October of 2020.

An Ode to Art Short Documentary

This short documentary was the result of two weeks worth of interviews around Banjul, in the Gambia, which I carried out together with a Filmmaking classmate, Ben Heath, in January of 2020.

To Be Continued Short Documentary Teaser

I directed this short documentary in late 2020, early 2021. It is about Shula Soleman, a Kurdish artist and refugee. Credits: Director: Joana Pinto Producer: Oscar Blakeborough Director of Photography: Paris Ferguson Editor: Indigo Knox Thompson