Katie Mae Wright

During my time at UWE, I have had the pleasure to try a bunch of different roles within the Film industry. I have a key passion for the art department and makeup/hair, so I worked on a lot of productions as production designer/art director which has enabled me to be creative and improve my organisation, initiative and critical thinking when working to a brief.

I am also very keen on my photography so I have been BTS/stills photographer on most of my productions which has allowed me to expand my portfolio and explore more of what a BTS photographer

on set would do. This has all lead me to realise I want to pursue my passion of makeup in film and television.

Jeronikin (2021)

Production Designer and BTS Photographer for a Fantasy short film, about two old friends embarking on a final trip to keep the memory of their childhood friend alive. I had a fun time with this role for the first time.

Two Sides

Makeup Artist for Two Sides. Two different sides to a story about the same event condensed into one short social realism drama. My first proper role as MUA and I loved creating a simple yet effective look.


Makeup Artist focusing on three models for a dystopian short film set within a female-dominated society where men have been reduced to pieces of furniture. This was a dream to work on as I had colour freedom.

The Cleaner

SFX Makeup Artist for a comedic suspense short film. A cleaner for an assassin arrive on a job to find that the target isn’t dead. She must finish the job. This was a great learning experiences into SFX Makeup.

I Dance Solo

SFX Makeup Artist for a Period Drama, set in 1988. Ned is suffering from AIDs. He begins to lose his grasp of reality both due to his illness and the way he is being treated. This was so much fun.

S.O.S Save Our Soil

Production Designer for a 30-second campaign advert for The Soil Association. I had to age a tin can to show the urban world and create a juxtaposing rural looking floral heaven for the characters garden to show the divide.