Keaton B-McD

I love art, and the most exciting form of this for me is film. I'm an enthusiast for pushing film's boundaries and finding out it's limitations. As with all great film enthusiasts I wish to become a director, and have worked in a variety of different roles so I can begin to get a complete understanding of what’s needed to make a good film. I started a production company/artistic collective called 'Smile You're On Film' in 2021 which specialises in making experimental content in a commercial setting. I look forward to producing more content alongside the collective in the

future. I wish to become more than a float in the industry and continue to make the work I'm passionate about.

We are Nature - Alexander Kanwell

I produced, directed and edited this music video for Bristol-based musician Alexander Kanwell. We are currently in the process of completing our second video together entitled ‘Swimming widda fishes’.

The Beetle

The Beetle is a 13-minute long, dark comedy about a man who turns into a beetle inspired by Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphsis'. More info can be found on my website.

Automation and Human Relation

This is a short, experimental piece I made in 2020. It explores how humans interact with technology with the purpose of trying to make people question their usage.

Google Run

This sub-2 minute piece aims to explore themes of surveillance, looking into how technological ability has been used to map out human existence and connect us around the globe.

Reflections by Enver

I filmed, edited and directed this in 2021 for Desolate Recording's newest artist 'Enver'. The main video was complete with 3 promotional videos.

Endevaours of the East series

This is part of a short experimental travel documentary series I filmed in 2019. The series is made up of 300 images and 8 videos. All can be viewed on my website.