Smile You’re On Film

It has never been easier for people to pick up a camera and film something, which has led to one of the most boring periods in film history. There are far fewer creators pushing the boundaries of the medium in the way it used to be. The collective aims to push originally through experimentation within whatever area of filmmaking that may be. Everyone in the collective is carefully selected based on their artistic vision. The commercial work we do forms a basis for us to explore the industry and open consumers up to a new way of viewing. We

specialise in music videos and event promotion, though we have ambitions to work in fashion and advertising in the future. Through these commercial jobs, we hope we can fund collective members' personal work and produce an exciting range of film, from narrative to documentaries.

Lost Horizon Promo

Video made to promote the launch of Lost Horizon HQ in Bristol, the world's first real and virtual music venue.

Rise by Jenks Ft Natty

Music video produced by Smile You’re on Film for Gyro records. The video premiered on DnB all stars in 2021.

Metalheadz promo

Event promotion video made for a Metalheadz night with ‘Goldie’ at Lost horizon in Bristol in late 2020.


Made by Courtney Knowles, Synesthesia is a neurological condition that causes the brain to process data in the form of several senses at once.