Mo Duke

I've had a varied experience at university, working as a Producer, Casting Director and in the Art Department across multiple projects. What links these different roles together is my passion for helping to realise the creative visions of others. My goal post-university is to be a Prop Maker. I love the tactility of working with my hands and using tangible objects to demonstrate my skills. I have a particular interest in props for period and fantasy projects due to the specificity required to make such items. The straw doll pictured above is just one example of my work on

a recent fantasy film. I have a good amount of on-set experience outside of the course, working as a Runner on independent short 'Squall' and as Runner and Art Department Assistant on BFI-funded short film 'Services'.

I am currently available for Runner/Art Department Trainee jobs in and around Bristol.

Speak No Name

A short fantasy film about a man trapped in a forest by an evil presence. I was Prop Maker on this project and made the waterskin pictured above, amongst other fantasy-inspired props.

D&D Diorama

This was an individual project where I designed and crafted a diorama of a scene from the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I play in. It features a babbling brook, festival tents and a cart selling homebrew teas.


A short period film set during the English Civil War about a woman trying to find her deserter husband and losing her mind in the process. I was Producer on this project.


A short dark comedy about a young writer who must stop her anxiety (which manifests itself as a children's storybook-type monster) from preventing her finishing her book. I was Casting Director and Art Department Assistant on this project.