Patrick Whinder-Montague

Hi, I'm Patrick and I'm ready to jump into the industry as a member of the production department. During my time at UWE, I have been able to develop my skills as an experienced student producer, through leading many projects with some amazing crews. Being able to work with like minded and talented people has been the highlight of my experience on the course - motivating me to continue this trend after I graduate.

From traditional narrative dramas to dark fantasy and factual short films, I have had the opportunity to work across a wide range of film and

video production genres. Looking to graduation, I aim to develop my skills by gaining experience in managerial and logistical departments, including production office roles and assistant directing roles.

I can't wait to get started.

Eden - Poetic Profile Documentary

This documentary follows Eden's extraordinary story as a transgender woman, who by taking on science managed to break the rules and find a new passion at the same time.

Alfredo - Graduation Documentary

At 80 years old, Alfredo Cantoni has dedicated his life to learning the ways of the mountains whilst skiing down its snowy trails and hopes to share his findings with those willing to listen.

Financial Mobility - Nahemi Kodak Commercial Competition 2022

Our NAHEMI Kodak 16mm Advert Competition submission. Promoting the upcoming launch of financial advice service ‘Life2’, encouraging investment into pension schemes at an earlier age.

Speak No Name - Graduation Fantasy Film

‘Speak No Name’ is our Graduation Dark Fantasy short film, filmed in Dartmoor, paired with a set build at UWE Bristol. The film is an expression of our love for the Fantasy genre, our passion project.

Cathedral Flooring - Promotional Campaign

Promotional and Marketing Strategy utilising Product Spotlight, Facility Tours and Launch Videos under the brand of ‘Cathedral Flooring’