Thérèse Bowman

An interest in both filmmaking and photography led me to study for a degree at UWE - I came in with the intention of one day becoming a music video director, but since studying I have developed an interest in so much more than just this one area. This being said, my interest is in running and training to become an Assistant Director. This aside, I have also always loved writing, and have written on a few student projects.

Nearing the end of my university experience, I have begun to pick up a few freelance photography and videography jobs, and

hope to continue this work in between my time working as a runner on set.

Thérèse Bowman

A compilation of the short films I have had the pleasure of working on.

Goddess of the Moon

Our submission to this year's NAHEMI-Kodak Student Awards, I was lucky enough to be able to direct this piece.

The Architecture of Loneliness

A short documentary about First Year student's experience of University during the pandemic that I directed.