Billy Parker

Billy is a freelance production assistant and collaborator with the student production company 2b13 productions. He is both independent and dilligent, but also a strong team player. His calm and methodical working methods allow him to assess different approaches to a given situation and move towards the best possible outcome for the team and himself.

Billy holds great reverence for cinema's power to invoke powerful emotion and affect change as well as the way it showcases many different artists' creative efforts towards a singular work. His professional aspirations lie in being able to facilitate this creativity in feature films

as a Production Manager.

An avid film viewer, Billy also co-hosts a film appreciation podcast which is broadcast on an independent Bristol radio station. He holds great passion for critiquing and analysing cinema as a storytelling medium, regularly keeping up to date with new releases and exploring older works.


"Hike" is a 2nd year narrative project revolving around Henry, a belligerent father who ventures out into the wilderness of Dartmoor to find his son who is pranking from afar. I was 1st Assistant director and driver on this project.

"A Way To Make It Work"

This Kodak commercial was made for Walking With The Wounded to show the charity's values and objective of supporting veterans and their families as they readjust to life after service. I was script supervisor and editor on this project