Emillie Taylor

I am an artist interested in our relationships, between friends and family, ourselves and our spaces. Throughout my career I have worked within social care specifically with the elderly teaching them art classes. This experience has taught me the importance of communication and the multitude of ways that we communicate with others. I strive to use my art as a communication tool with my viewer. I want to make my work accessible for people and share art with people, make it feel approachable.

Abstract of Weston Bay

Layered View of Weston Bay

Mixed media collage of drawing of Weston Bay from my window

floorplan of our flat rotating

Our floorpan, rotated

Digital work using the floorpan of our flat and colour picked out from a sunset. The floorpan rotates 360' in the same way we do everyday. This progression speak to how the sun interacts with our building throughout the day.

Abstract View of Weston over plaster blocks

Building the picture (277 days counted, prt2)

Abstracted view of Weston over plaster blocks. Thinking about how our picture of what things will be like can be abstract and take many small steps to get to that bigger picture.

View on multiple days

Taking time to get to know my view by spending time with it, studying it. Over several days looking at every detail, focusing on different areas to build up my relationship with it.

277 Days Counted

Between the 277 days from first looking at our flat to receiving the keys we felt the pressure mount up. The responsibility of what we were taking on but also the exciting opportunity to build a home.

Weston Bay from a Birds Eye View

Studying the forms and shapes of Weston Bay as they appear. From my perspective the shapes are very different this juxtaposition between perspective and reality interests me.