Kadi Carter

I am a mixed media artist. A self confessed sucker for the American culture I absorbed during my childhood. I examine my interpretations of this and my nostalgic memories that have been warped, distorted and recontextualised over time.
My current exploration is in aestheticism and our willingness to acknowledge and accept falsities for what they are, but willingly buy into them all the same. Inspired by cartoons and an objection to the mundane, my work is designed to disorientate, defy social norms and challenge taste; encouraging the viewer to question what is real and fake, old and new. Working

primarily with materials regarded as craft, feminine or domestic. I am developing my material language, lashing out against the snobbery in art. I ask the viewer to consider their relationship to their objects and their surroundings and question that which is regarded as tradition.


Light and sound installation. Wax, Paper Pulp, Sound, Light

Ceramic Tiers no.1

Ceramic Objects, Paint, Filler, Glaze

Urned Yourself a Treat

Ceramics, Paint, Filler, Glaze

Still Life Edit no.1

Digitally Manipulated Still Life. Consisting of: Vase, Leather, Kinetic Sand.

Still Life Edit no.2

Digitally Manipulated Still Life. Consisting of: Wax statue, Vase, Sofa Leg, Bowl, Bust, Leather, Tea Towel, Lid.

Untitled Ceramic Studies

Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze