Rose-Anna Waudby Ahmet

Among the techniques employed by this multidisciplinary artist include metal, kinetic arts, photography, aerosol, performance, printmaking, light and shadow projections. As a facilitator and collaborator, Rose is interested in broadening her experiences, sharing skills, and partnering with others on creative projects and socially engaged practices. Rose is especially drawn to the use of light and kinetic art, but not exclusively. She was born and raised by The Mutoid Waste Company, which has inspired her metalworking skills as well as provided exposure to unusual large-scale projects and events. Themes develop from consumer trash and a decaying earth, revitalising otherwise discarded

materials. Rose has helped to make works for the Glastonbury Festival, Burning Man in 2014, and mural workshops in Bogota, Colombia in 2017. She is currently trying to expand her discipline by working with other people, exploring new settings and environments, and pushing the boundaries of her own technical abilities.

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This body of work is an accumulation of my multidisciplinary practice exploring light and shadow