Ajay Boga

Hello, my name is Ajay Boga, I am an Indian multidisciplinary designer with a primary focus on communication design, based in Bristol.

My work is concept driven and lies at the crossroads of Art, Architecture and Design. My deep curiosity towards culture led me to investigate distinctive approaches to visual design. Inquiry based approach is often reflected in my design practice, which involves making and reflecting using innovative frameworks and research methodologies.

My expertise is in story-telling through communication design applications such as branding, packaging design, illustration and motion work. In my MA Graphic Arts final project, I investigated new approaches

to Indian Graphic Design and their impact on cross-cultural communication. The project is open ended and research driven, which resulted in the discovery of new visual systems and possibilities.

I spend my time actively learning new tools and approaches, and I frequently use drawing and photography to communicate ideas.

ABSOLUT INDIA: Artist Collaboration

The bottle artwork is inspired by India's rich culture and past, combining traditional motif, hand painting and vector illustration. It was shortlisted among 3600 entries and declared the winner in 2018, earning it global recognition.

MA Graphic Arts: Inquiry into 'Indianness' in Graphic design

The research project is an attempt to comprehend India's cultural impact on communication design. Creative experiments were conducted using 'inquiry-based method', that necessitated the deconstruction of elements and the development of new visual frameworks.

MA Graphic Arts: Creative Histories

A motion piece work conceptualized and developed during the 3 week course for Creative Histories. The hand drawn stop motion animation is an attempt to reveal similarities between my design practice and the Japanese zen garden.