Lucy Morris

I am a visual communicator inspired by people and places.

In my practice, I explore themes of sense of place, community and connection.

Throughout the MA Graphic Arts, I have developed an understanding and knowledge of a diverse range of design methodologies. I have gained a keen interest in wayfinding design, psychogeography, experimental graphic design, data visualisation and information design.

In my most recent project, I explored how information design can offer an alternative narrative within a place. I did this through data visualisations. I collected quantitative data from and qualitative data from survey results. By using contrasting data

sets, I was able to present a narrative of safety within Bute Park, Cardiff through poster design.

I am excited to explore environmental design interventions and graphics that deepen our sense of place and community throughout my professional development.

Information Posters

The sequence of posters starts by visualising the crime that occurred in Bute Park in 2021. The second demonstrates the community’s feelings of safety within Bute Park. The third reveals women’s feelings of safety with Bute Park.