Megan Hunt

Hello! I'm Meg, a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Digital Marketer based in Bristol, UK.

When I'm not working on a project, sorting through emails or furiously doodling, you'll probably find me curled up on my sofa; either enthralled by a crime novel, binge-watching a sitcom or downing copious cups of tea at an inhuman rate.

With a Bachelors in English Literature and industry experience in Marketing, I can spit some snazzy copy alongside whipping up the graphics to make it pop. I most regularly work with logos and brand identity - but I'm pretty versatile when it comes to

anything creative.

MA Graphic Arts gave me the opportunity to finetune my practical design skills, sharpen my design thinking, and practice working on sustained and diverse briefs. My final work focussed on enmeshing both digital and print; paying homage to my love for both mediums, and showcasing my skillset.

Hubert: AR Interaction Overview

A selection of the Augmented Reality animations triggered in "Hubert" - an AR Graphic Novella. Created, Written, Illustrated and Animated by Megan Hunt as a final project for her MA Graphic Arts at the University of the West of England.

Hubert - General Overview

Physical overview of all pages in Hubert - an Augmented Reality Graphic Novel - which explores the liminality of storytelling mediums, and extends the capabilities of visual narrative forms.

"Trash" - Creative Histories: Motion Design - MA Graphic Arts

A frame-by-frame animation in 30fps, created using Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Inspired by the unjust demonisation/prejudgement of crows as a bad omen, and observing the playful behaviour of the birds during Lockdown 2020 walks in my local park.

"50 Things"

An exploration of self and information design; the brief was to create an A2 poster that displayed '“50 things” or pieces of information integral to our personalities. The finished piece includes strong influences from music, literature, and other formative experiences.

Ozone Apparel - Logo & Brand Design (Freelance Project)

James came to me with several logo concepts that he wanted to tidy up, and formatted into something suitable to launch Ozone: a start-up, sustainable street-wear brand. I created a custom typeface, icon and varied colour scheme.