Annie Booker

Bristol-based illustrator, focusing on Narrative based works and children’s books. My work is driven by my love for the natural world and the relationships between nature and those around me. I’m an avid advocate for endangered species and ecosystems while being a lover of folklore and the whimsical.

The Catch

A spread from the silent narrative ‘The Great Bear’.

The Fox Fires

A spread from a narrative inspired by a Finnish folktale about the northern lights.


Another spread from my narrative ‘The Great Bear’ inspired by the Arctic folktales and wildlife.

The Caribou

A silent narrative based of the Caribou of the arctic and their pivotal place in the ecosystem


One of a series of illustrations around the state of the Caledonian Rainforest. Focussing on the importance of protecting Pine woods and our temperate rainforests, through the personification of a tree.