Jen Price

I am a Bristol based illustrator and designer with a passion for health care and social engagement. The focus of my work tends to be a creative platform for telling people’s stories and raising awareness of important topics. Alongside my practice, I work for the women’s charity ‘Self Injury Support’ as a lived experience support worker and have had the opportunity to use my art to help others.

I like to work in mixed media, collage and photography while ensuring that the materials and processes reflect the topic I am documenting. Working like this allows me to be experimental, playful

and produce unique outcomes. It is important to have a balance when working in health care and creating work about heavy subjects, so you can often find me chilling with my 2 tree frogs Frida and Flump in my spare time.


MonSter is a project that communicates my dad’s condition, Multiple Sclerosis. Using mixed media and materials that reflect his disability, I designed a set of posters that featured in MS Awareness Week 2022.

Women's Safety Campaign

I was commissioned to design a set of posters for a Women’s Safety campaign called ‘Educate your Sons’, following Sarah Everard’s murder. They were designed to use the issue as a way to attract the audience and confront them.

Self Injury Awareness

Self-injury affects people of all genders, ages and backgrounds. The 1st of March is self-injury awareness Day and this year I designed a set of posters to educate those who do not self-injury and reach out people who do.


During April 2020, I was working as a Health Care Assistant in a care home. This is my documentation of the surreal Groundhog Day repetitiveness to working on the frontline and witnessing residents die from Covid 19 each day.

How Should We Do Drugs Now?

This is a mockup editorial piece for a lifestyle article on 'How should we do drugs now?' using photomontage.

The Cycle of Increasing Sadness

This is a short animated film piece based on the subject of mental health. Played on a loop, the film deals with the day-to-day life of an individual living with depression, showing the mundane activities tainted by the debilitating condition.