Larissa Lebe

Hi there, I am sleepy lis! I am a Bristol-based illustrator and creative from Swindon. My practice focuses around creating work inspired by my feelings, dreams, and experiences. Currently, I have been enjoying working in a mixed media fashion, using collage, drawing and texture to create imagery. My skills also expand to working with digital embroidery, model making and creating narratives. Creating work that is relatable and invokes a sense of comfort or connection in people is important to me.

My Teeth

My teeth is a picture book which follows the narrative of how anxiety can manifest into bad dreams. In this tale, a dream of tooth loss leads to a quick rescue from an alternative kind of tooth fairy.


Existing with mycelium is a project honouring the beauty of the mycorrhizal network, and how its existence overlaps and fuels our own giving us the opportunity to live and form connections.


Settle is from my Grief Beast project, which explores how loss can follow you around in different ways.

In the City

An editorial response from an article discussing the damage of Bristol's air pollution to the working class.