I am a modern caveman, celestial navigator, psychonaut, caped crusader, who uses drawing and street art to understand myself and the world around me.
My work comes from a lot of free-flowing sketchbook work that evolves into painting walls, canvases, or digital work... The ideas that appear in my work are mental health, community, nature, and the balance of life & death.


Lazer engraved a drawing into stone. This piece is about impermanence. I am leaving something that will outlast my life.

Artist Reader

A typographic artist reader. All the words represent a lot of my influences as an artist, making up a masked face that is me.


An expressive piece reflecting the state of consciousness when the artist is creating. Fragments of imagination colliding and connecting together.


Dog Eat Dog World

As tensions increase around the world, I can't help but see a lot of savagery. The marks in this are very hard and scribbly. Conveying the frustration of the world around me.