Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne is a multi-disciplinary Illustrator, who grew up in the Leicestershire countryside, where she went onto study Illustration at The University West of England.

With a love for story telling and bringing awareness to important topics she works with a wide range of materials, specialising in 3D paper craft where she goes onto create 2D images and moving stop motion.

Blown Off Course

Blown Off Course a mix between live and stop motion animation, here is a showreel of animation I created for the short film.

A Close Call

Stop motion animation influenced by the shrinking of our confidence from lockdown.

Maxim the Great Siberian Tiger

A still from the short animation exploring the exploitation of tigers throughout the years.

Ri Ri Ribbet

A mix between digital and 3D artwork in a children's book narrative exploring a frog trying to find a home in the modern day.

Ri Ri Ribbet VR paper cut experience

A virtual pop up VR experience linked to Ri Ri Ribbet children's book The Curious Puppeteer curated. Sound: Doo Rhee