Ilayda Akarca

Visual artist and photographer from Istanbul, currently based in Bristol. Working in analogue and digital formats, often incorporating the use of printmaking or mixed media. I experiment with revealing and concealing the creative process in my practice while looking into the complex nature of identity, belonging, social and cultural issues.

Inleyen Nağmeler

From my ongoing project where I explore notions of home, displacement and belonging through the land, memory and present where act of remembering takes the form of a visual journey.

Started as a reflection of my experiences as an immigrant, over time, the work formed into a visual journey of meditations on what home ‘was’/ what it ’has became’ and everything in between.

Hot Potato Magazine

From a collaboration with Hot Potato Magazine. The work explores a group of people, their stories and connection to objects they found or acquired for free, inspired by films and artistic practice of Agnes Varda.

Conversations on Food

Collaborative project realised during lockdown, with participants from the UK, France and Turkey. The project explores our relationship with food and its connection to memory and culture.

Self Portrait, 2022

I have been working with self portraiture as a way to visually question and express ideas on identity and the influence of family on sense of self.