Jack Marber Worsley

Jack Marber Worsley is a photographic artist from London. Producing his first photographic work in 2017, Marber Worsley’s work is describable as an ethereal, surreal and poetic form of expression, communicating coded personal experiences within his photographs. An understudy to photographer James Dean Diamond, Jack’s work follows in his footsteps, contributing to the abstract photographic genre. A fusion between conventional photography and contemporary art, the manipulation of Marber Worsley’s images either through the digital darkroom, in-camera effects or location lighting is a key part of his process. In recent years Marber Worsley has specialised in night photography, with his

projects 3AM and 0208. Jack has graduated this year with a BA in photography from University of West England.

5. Forwards

3AM 2

3AM 2 is structured into 6 different chapters, each section containing a new style and location. A sequel to 3AM, Jack Marber Worsley continues to communicated coded expressions of his experiences in his nightscapes.



My exploration of North Somerset’s Ashton at night (on the outskirts of Bristol) became my fix, a world to escape to from my isolated environment in lockdown within the city.


3AM Deluxe

A year after release of the project, 3AM’s Deluxe features new photos, retouched photos, raw files of the original photos and gallery installation digital art pieces in Not Around and Colony.