Megan Wilson

Hi! I’m Megan Wilson, a 3rd year photography student at the University of the West of England. My work usually focuses on people and mental health whether it’s using portraits, environmental photographs or still life. As my photography has progressed I’ve found myself focusing more on my subjects and creating photographs they’re proud of, making my work feel more collaborative. I love to travel and explore the world so I look forward to creating more portraits and environmental photography in the future. I have studio photography experience but I have been loving thinking about how to overcome challenges while

on location. I aim to be a commercial photographer focusing on portraits and travel. However, I would love to explore more into fashion photography. I hope you enjoy my newest project ‘Loci’, a series I will continue into the future.

Environmental Portrait from Loci by Megan Wilson


This series looks into the benefits of nature on our mental health whilst exploring our relationship with place. I focused on 18-21 year olds, changing into adulthood. The portraits were taken in my subjects chosen place.

Portrait of Jasmine in Portsmouth from Loci by Megan Wilson


This is Jasmine, her chosen place was her bedroom. A place of comfort and familiarity at an uncertain time of life.

Portrait of Allen in Bristol from Loci by Megan Wilson


This is Allen, his chosen place was Ashton Court. The forest paths create a break from the busy city life, whilst also being a home away from home.

Tree Close Up from Loci by Megan Wilson


This is an environmental portrait. It's been proven that spending time in nature reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Portrait of Megan from Loci by Megan Wilson


This is Megan. Her chosen place was Canoe Lake, with open grass and the sound of waves creating a place to breathe and relax.

Portrait of Ace in Bristol from Loci by Megan Wilson


This is Ace, his chosen place was BT Tower. It's easy to get lost when you don't look at the bigger picture. This place allows him to take a step back and think.