Reuben Kidd

Reuben Kidd is a Bristol-based photographer and film maker who grew up in the South West of England. His photographic practice is informed by themes of human presence and subject representation. With his work he likes to focus his lens on the harsh, unfiltered aspects of everyday life, depicting reality in a playful and creative way. His images focus more on the space we occupy as opposed to the people that fill the frame, and he is interested in how an image can tell a story by looking at the space and objects we interact with. His most recent

project 'Moleskines' visually explores the notebooks his father kept after suffering a stroke and looks further into the idea of our possessions being an extension of our bodies and minds.

Moleskines Moving Image

This video is an extension of Reuben Kidd's project 'Moleskines', looking at his fathers music studio, reflecting on thoughts of memory and music.


"Moleskines is a project looking at the effects of short-term memory loss and how we can replace the mind with a notebook."

"My father has kept a Moleskine diary every year for the past 15 after suffering a stroke. They act as a second mind - one which cannot forget, but can be forgotten."

"With my practice I am interested in how a subjects surroundings can reflect personality and emotion. I am more intrigued by a subjects space and possessions as a way of telling their story."

"I am always looking for visual metaphors in the landscape, how can I tell the subjects story without including them in the frame."