Pablo de las Cuevas

I’m a Spanish multidisciplinary producer and filmmaker. Motivated and curious about developing new ways of storytelling using immersive art, reinterpreting new and old technologies to create powerful, thought-provoking, and transformational experiences.

My goal is to use immersive and interactive technologies to focus on social and human-centered histories. I’m a geodesic dome builder a VJ, a traveler an a multi-instrument percussionist.

Limbo Vr

In partnership with award-winning theatre company Good chance, creators of ´The Walk of Amal´, Limbo VR experience uses a live streaming show to interconnect two diverse audiences simultaneously. Using projector dome systems to create immersive interaction.

‘Shadows of Combat’

Shadows of Combat is a Vr interactive experience that aims to demonstrate to the user what it is like to suffer from PTSD. Created in cooperation with Farhad Berahman an Iranian photographer specializing in social documentaries.


“Discover yourself through an epic VR experience and journey to impossible worlds. Step into a collage of questions, exploring different human perspectives induced by REM memories”.

Luck Vr Experience Trailer

Trailer of Luck / Mayor final project

Filmmaking Showreel 2020

I've worked as a camera operator - Editor since 2009