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Interior Designer Nerys Evans Lighting Installation

Interior Design UWE Alumni, Nerys Evans Lighting Installation: Deconstructed Chandelier Installation

‘The chandelier, once regarded as the epitome of wealth and class. In reimagining it, the discarded nitrous oxide canisters become unlikely objects of beauty and regard. The installation maps the proximity of neighbouring council wards in Bristol, blurring economic boundaries. Designed with interaction as one of its key objectives, the immersive installation highlights the chiming sound made when the canisters touch, allowing the public to experience the objects in previously unexplored ways. An observational response to social, habitual and environmental issues.

What began as a proposal for a large scale light installation, inspired Nerys to continue to design and construct original nos canister chandeliers.

Through extensive material exploration and fabrication, Nerys discovers innovative ways in which to alter and repurpose hundreds of steel canisters, discarded on streets across the UK.

Each chandelier is an original design piece, with its own unique characteristics. Custom sized and configured for site-specific installations, residential, hospitality and commercial display.’

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