Fin Wright

During my time at UWE I gained experience on both student and professional productions in both sound recording and sound editing. Having worked on multiple documentary shorts I've grown a passion for capturing the real world stories of regular people and listening to what they have to say. I'm looking now to specialise in location sound recording. Recently however I have expanded out into more narrative fiction and have found myself similarly enamoured by the projects I've worked on both from an on set and post-production perspective. Sound recording has been my favourite aspect of sound to work in

and looking forward is what I aspire to work in professionally.


Alfredo is a short documentary about Alfredo Cantoni, his love for skiing and his attachment to the mountains of his home town Bormio. I was sound editor for this project, editing and mixing the final piece.

The Last Generation

The Last Generation is a short documentary discussing how the climate crisis is affecting people's views on having children. I was sound recordist and sound editor on this project.

Blind Spot

Blind Spot presents different sides to a story about the same event condensed into one short social realism drama, with the screen time being split between our two characters, Steve, and Andrea. I was 1st Assistant Sound on this project.

Speak No Name

A norse inspired short film A young girl gets lost in a forest which is inhabited by an evil spirit that won't let her go so easy. I was 1st Assistant Sound on this project, boom operating and micing actors.