Hannah Thimm

I am a photographer and illustrator based in Hereford, I'm intrigued about the natural world and how we connect with it, this fascination is reflected in my practice.
My photography work primarily explores individuals and communities who practice permaculture, organic food production and other eco-conscious methods of living in the modern world - my work is a mix of digital and film photography.

My illustrations too are inspired by nature, I work with various mediums to create character designs and still narratives, I am working towards becoming a childrens book illustrator, in which I would love to combine my photography

and illustration practice.

Inside Crabapple

From my most recent project, 'Crabapple', I documented my visit at a communal household where I learnt about low-impact living, sustainability and home-grown produce.


Spring is my favourite time of year - using 35mm film, I photographed this abundance of salad leaves and delicate flowers which had recently erupted in the polytunnel. From my most recent project, 'Crabapple'.

Jazs' house

A piece from my project, 'Alternative Living', I photographed my friend Jaz and their caravan home in Welshpool as I explore the reasons why so many young people are living in vehicles.


This ilustration is a concept piece, I am working in developing skills as an illustrator to show narrative within a still image. I enjoy playing with colour palettes, shadows and tone to create mood and atmosphere.

Aira the Mouse

This piece was created as part of character design development for an author whom I collaborated with to work on a childrens book.


My friend Jaz in their van home. Taken as part of my project 'Alternative Living'.