Luke Howse

I am a dedicated and driven Writer and Director with a passion for telling stories that highlight underrepresented voices, especially concerning the LGBTQIA+ community. During my time at UWE Bristol I have worked with a variety of talented individuals to create work I'm extremely proud of. Studying here has greatly strengthened my self-confidence as a Director and has also allowed me to develop my interest in the casting process. This has given me the chance to meet and work with some brilliant actors. As I near the end of my time studying Filmmaking, I feel well prepared for professional

work and cannot wait to see where my career will take me next.

I Dance Solo

Worked as Writer and Director. A story of love, loss and regret unfolds as Ned encounters an old flame in his hospital ward. His perception of reality starts to distort as the symptoms from his AIDS-related illness worsen.

Financial Mobility

NAHEMI / Kodak Student Commercial Awards 2022 Worked as Casting Director and Art Department Assistant. A 30 second commercial encouraging people to start investing in their future.

A Right Charlie

Writer and Director. When Harry finds out his crush is attending LGBTQIA+ conversion therapy, he must decide whether to intervene or leave him be.

Robbie Wrecked the Band

Casting Director and Lighting Assistant. A young autistic person desperately wants to join the school band, but they're hypersensitive to loud noise. They must learn to control the environment around them in order to achieve their dream.