Adela Martin

I would class myself as a multidisciplinary illustrator who is intrigued by the success of moving image, whether that be through sound, stop motion or morphing visuals. I am interested in street and public art through the means of expressing creativity on a greater scale, exploiting the use of place and space through art, striving away from urban 'norms'.

My aim is to coincide both areas creating a collaborative style that reaches the public eye that creates a rememberable impact.

I believe my style is unique and applying this in different mediums will be successful.

Blossoming Skate

A section of a music piece to express the importance of green space in urban areas. Representing the result of being around nature, expressing happiness and wellbeing of humans.

A Beer Head Intro

Intro to the Beer Head video. A Video which highlights the loss of access to pubs during Lockdown 1.0.

A Green City prop

A prop used in video clips raising the importance of green spaces in cities.

A Green City Intro

A Green City, blossoming