Lauren Mulhearn

Bristol based illustrator/designer.

Ultimately I am an illustrator, however my approach to producing artwork falls under many different categories. For example, I routinely enhance my projects with processes like film, costume, 3D models, photography and graphic design etc.

Visually, my work appears colourful, childlike and humorous. However, the context of my work frequently explores more serious angles to provide meaning and purpose.

The main inspiration for my work comes from food, music, satire, and the people around me!

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Hand Painted, Laser Cut, Plywood - Ready Meals

Selection of hand painted laser cut plywood, as part of my project 'Hip Chef' - exploring internet food trends, and how millennials are changing the way we perceive and consume food.

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Hip Chef!

The trivial concept of a food subscription box has catapulted into the mainstream and has a new-found popularity with millennials – combined with the uprising of ethical consideration in recent food trends, the brand Hip Chef provides an all-in-one solution.

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Bespoke, Hand Painted, Skateboards

Personal Project: Working alongside the client, I will create a personal, bespoke design. The boards are primed, hand painted and sealed with a gloss varnish finish for protection.

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Defining My Practice

Promotional Piece: My interpretation of a ‘reader’. Visually displaying who I am as an artist, using illustration and graphic design.

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Editorial Illustration

A selection of editorial illustrations, responding to various texts. Exploring relevant issues with conceptualised visual solutions.

Hip Chef Advert

Voiceover - Tom Clarke Hill. Cast - Megan Pilcher-King, Adela martin. Written/Directed/Filmed/Edited - Lauren Mulhearn.