Tom is a Bristol based composer and performer. He is an associate artist of the multi-award winning theatre company The Wardrobe Ensemble and tours internationally as a session musician. He is supported by The Sustaining Creativity Fund by the PRS Foundation and his work is featured in BEAM 2020, founded by Mercury Musical Development and Musical Theatre Network.

Composing credits: The Great Gatsby (OFFIES nominated), 1972: The Future of Sex (The Stage Award Winner 2015), Southwestern, Wind in the Willows for (Wardrobe Ensemble), The Rocky Shock (Wardrobe Theatre). Sound design credits: The Unmarried (Lauren Gauge) and Elliot and The Enormous

Sneeze (Mouths of Lions). TV/Film credits: My Mamma A Man (Spinster Films), Life’s Not Fair (Fairtrade Co), The Box (Watershed, Bristol), World Judo Championships (Fighting Films), Casualty (BBC actor).

Arnolfini Walk

Recorded using a 360 degree camera and composed using spatialized audio.