3D Art Gallery

Amy Dolphin (3D Artist)

The gallery was my overarching project for the final year of my undergraduate degree. It aimed to showcase several portraits throughout the history of art as a 3D educational experience. The gallery was inspired by a neo-antique style, which combined cracking upholstery and vintage frames with contemporary art and wallpaper. Every asset began as a box model in Maya, before having further details added in ZBrush to add to their realism. On the bookcase alone there are 25 different styles of book. I was responsible for every aspect besides the modelling of the fireplace, ashtray, bear rug and deer head, which were by a fellow student Daniel Hennessy. That includes the bonus Mondrian spoof and Art Nouveau-inspired piece which ties in with the other early 20th-century art on the wall! Pride of place, however, hangs all my portraiture sculpts, which spin around in their own painted world. The gallery presented itself as a great opportunity to integrate some set dressing and hard surface work into my degree, as well as being an interesting way to showcase my models of the academic year. Eventually, I hope to add more models to my wall and make the experience interactive for educational purposes.


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