Hip Chef Advert

Lauren Mulhearn (Written/Directed/Filmed/Edited )

Exploring internet food trends, and how millennials are changing the way we perceive and consume food.
From flexitarian diets to pre-packaged food kits, diets are now becoming a lifestyle and political statement.

The trivial concept of a food subscription box has catapulted into the mainstream and has newfound popularity with millennials – combined with the uprising of ethical consideration in recent food trends, the brand Hip Chef provides an all-in-one solution.

The use of bright, fun packaging and punchy buzzwords can mislead consumers, making products appear trendy, healthy and ethical. It’s not until you look closer that you realise how we can easily be deceived by these trendy diets.


Here at Hip Chef, we understand that you exhausted millennials live a very busy lifestyle! Cooking can be super-duper stressful and hard :( (aww).
Who has the time to shop, and prepare a well-balanced meal that reflects both your online persona and political dietary values.
Luckily for you, we have found the solution! HIP CHEF!
The new millennial food kit service. Convenient AND healthy, high quality AND no prep!
You don’t have to do anything! we've done it all for you!
Honestly stay there, don't get off the couch, we've got you covered ;)
Introducing our really, really, really, really, busy range.
Tremendous value at £500 a box. With each box containing 5 WHOLE MEALS! Saving you money and food waste!
Delicious, organic, gluten free, vegan, fresh, frozen, microwavey meals - it's unbelievable! Our super customisable brand! Catering for our dear millennials dietary restrictions and
sensitivities (aww)
Here’s our millennial favourite, ‘Avo Toast’ *alert noice* HASHTAG FOOD PORN
Luscious slices of avocado, foraged from the Himalayan mountains, laid to rest on a slice of fresh sourdough toast.
And here’s our new trendy vegan burger. She’s vegan, gluten free, organic, sustainable and
woke! The most un offensive burger so you won't get cancelled! sooo instagramable babes
Welcoming our limited edition “i tried being veggie but BACON!” meal.
Locally sourced egg accompanied by some juicy bacon rashers, resting on a slice of fresh sourdough toast.
Here she is, our delicious fruit smoothie bowl with CBD infused blueberries.
Freshly frozen fruit, mixed with coconut water - harvested from the insides of organic young coco nuts. Supplying anaerobic flow - increasing digestibullshitism.
My fave! Our Peskitarian Tuesday meal, for all you vegans that love a bit of fish. Delectable lemon fishski micro-dosed with peppermint essential oils. Sat on a bed of crisp green leaves.
100% recyclable packaging! Except the plastic bit.
You'll feel so enlightened after eating our affordable meal kits – you should follow up with some yoga!
Order today through the Hip Chef app and have it to your door at an alarmingly fast speed! Hip chef... we’ve got you covered.
(female voice)
I don't have time to cook from scratch!
I craaave convenience
I eat plant based...
Well, the occasional bacon sandwich (welsh accent) PAM YOU’RE EATING HAM I now identify as flexitarian.