Bristol based immersive storyteller, Dominique Vyborna, has been exploring the medium of Virtual Reality since 2019. Originally a large-scale metal artist, her ability to design in three dimensions has informed her worldbuilding skills, using physical elements to craft a story-doing experience. Dominique is the founder of EmpressVR, a community of VR developers working together to create diverse and engaging experiences.

Exploring the Shadows - VR Prototype

This 3D immersive project is a prototype for a VR app designed to lead people on an exploration of trauma symptoms, causes, and treatments, to empower them on their healing journey.

Shadows of Combat - Prototype

An immersive VR experience which expresses the as-lived experience of a combat veteran with PTSD.

The Self We Find

An immersive VR experience utilizing passthrough and hand tracking to enable participants to reconnect with joy and delight, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.