Zsofi Kincso Gal

Interior design for me is about evolving societies’ living standards. For me, the design process includes learning from the past, making the most of the present, and designing with the future in mind. In my work, I try to bring in as much natural light as possible. I favor natural materials as these are sustainable, having less of an environmental impact and they also create more inviting spaces - rough concrete, reclaimed wood, exposed brick, recycled hardwood with visible grains, and imperfections are all my go-to materials. I follow the principles of adaptive reuse and its architectural and design

strategies that deal with the material and immaterial aspects of the existing heritage and making contemporary contributions to it. I aim to broaden my theoretical and practical knowledge in this field.

Concept model

Turning the Inside Out

Concept model for Domino House- turning the inside out. Resin cast of the inside of a water bottle

Concept model

Giving life to emptiness

Concept model for Domino House - giving life to emptiness Plaster cast of the inside of a plastic bag inspired by the work of British sculptor Rachel Whiteread

Floor sample

Domino House Floor Sample

Concrete and glass surface Exploring thresholds, mixing boundaries


Storytelling Centre - Final Major Project

Library and the storytelling centre which facilitates the merge of literature and performance. Designed to act as a gateway to the local community, to stimulate people to participate in this art form, to create bonds within different layers of the community and to educate about different art forms and cultures

Workplace Project

Workplace project - aiming to reduce the effects of stress through biophilic design and use of natural materials


Final Major Project

Library space of my final major project