Hugo Docking


Hugo Docking is a Royal Televison Society (RTS) bursary recipient and winner of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) prize for final year journalism, recently graduating with first class honours.

He directed and produced "Highly Arrestable", a short documentary following a high-profile Extinction Rebellion activist over the course of a year, chronicling his endeavors to save the planet with a series of controversial, illegal actions. Although this project won the NUJ award it cannot be shown here due to current legal restrictions following delays in court proceedings after the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep an eye out for it's release later this year.

Hugo hopes to forge a career in documentary production and continue to grow his portfolio of exciting, exclusive and thought-provoking documentary films.

Achievements & Experience


National Union of Journalists
Winner of the NUJ prize for final year journalism

Royal Television Society
Recipient of an RTS bursary for TV & journalism

University of the West of England
First class honours and the Dean's award for academic excellence


BBC One / KEO Films
Runner / Data-wrangler / Camera Operator for "War on Plastics with Hugh and Anita"

Channel Five / KEO Films
Contributing Filmmaker for "Extinction Rebellion the Inside Story"

Featured Projects:

Underground Tattooing - Documentary Short by Hugo Docking

Hugo gets inked as he takes a look at the surfacing world of underground tattooing in Bristol.

Miss Piggy vs Bristol Airport

Dressing up as pigs and conducting bicycle protests may sound like odd ways to try and stop an airport from expanding. But environmental activists in Bristol did just that... and it might just have worked.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

A short uni project for a younger audience by Hugo Docking and Jacob Salter. Is Dungeons and Dragons making a comeback? Can we still play it during the coronavirus lockdown? How can it be helpful for kids with additional needs? Find out here!